Founder, The HR Studio I 2nd Vice President, International Association of Coaching I HR Professional I Learning and Development Consultant I Certified Coach (CMC)

Anjali Nair brings over 20+ years of experience in human resource management as HR business partner, trainer and coach. She has worked across industries with organizations ranging from MNC to start-ups.
She now partners with organizations to deliver projects that leverage her expertise in areas of process interventions, performance management and leadership development. She engages coaching to co-create solutions with client-organizations to build in-house competence and deepen learning. She is passionate about creating platforms to coach women in leadership.

Anjali is a certified Coach (CMC), and is certified on multiple psychometric assessment tools.
Anjali has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development, Mastersin Labour Law; and Masters in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (India).


With rapid economic, environmental, technological and political changes, we are now writing a very interesting chapter in the long and evolving journey of human civilization.

It has become critical for nations, communities, organizations and individuals to transform the way they think, act and react. We have the mandate of shaping a new world. Organizations now have a greater responsibility to facilitate continuous learning, growth and transformation. The expectation is not just to support employees navigate through the changes and disruption, but thrive in it!

This webinar explores organizational culture as a key driver, to enable new possibilities and solutions, through a simple framework that focuses on co-creating coaching space for tapping human potential. It further highlights how small and medium enterprises, with limited resources, can engage this framework. The session provides practical insights into processes and practices that can be reinforced to discover unrealized human potential and inspire performance.


Co-crear la cultura organizacional para descubrir el potencial e inspirar a la perfomance 01:21:00
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